Pro Bono Advisory Services

Our team can offer assistance in the following areas: 

  • Strategic planning - develop or improve high-level strategy; brainstorm solutions to the challenges your organization faces

  • Research and evaluation - collect and analyze data on the effectiveness of your programs

  • Publicity - spread the word about your work in Ukraine and in the US

  • Professional development - identify resources and introduce you to experts that can help you grow professionally 


When choosing which NGOs to work with, we consider two main criteria.

  • First, does our team have the right skills to provide the assistance you need? 

  • Second, what impact will our help have on your organization? Can we help you substantially improve or expand your work?  

If you're interested in applying for pro bono advisory services, please fill out the short application form here. If we are able to provide what you need, we will schedule a Skype consultation to discuss further.