We have specific requirements for financially supporting projects. Please read carefully and make sure these work for you before you submit an application:


  • We can only offer grants to registered nonprofit organizations. If you do not have a nonprofit organization, we may be able to provide legal help to help you register one. Please contact us to learn more. 

  • We are a US-based organization and will be transferring grant funds from the US to Ukraine. Your organization should be able to accept donations from the US via wire transfer. We will cover the transaction costs.

  • We have a standard contract that we sign with all grantees. The only part of the contract that we customize for each grantee is the documentation requirements. Unfortunately, we cannot negotiate contract terms with each grantee. If you would like to see a copy of the contract before applying, please email us at


First and foremost, we want to fund projects that will successfully reach their goals. We evaluate the probability of success by considering the team's background and skillset, a strong track record of past work, and a detailed, feasible implementation plan. 

Second, we want to fund projects whose success will result in a substantial positive impact for the target beneficiaries. This means projects that target critical problems in the community and strive for deep, long-term impact (e.g. We will increase youth employment rates in our town from 20% to 40%,", not "We will hold a workshop about job skills for 300 people.") 


​Please read our full list of criteria and eligible expenses here

Application Process

Fill out a preliminary application (~30 min) telling us about yourself and your project or organization. We accept applications at any time. The application form can be found here.

Step 1

If your project is a fit for us, we will reach out to invite you to complete our full application and provide supporting documentation.

Step 2

Step 3

The strongest applicants will be invited to conduct a 45-90 minute Skype interview with our team. After the interview, we may ask for additional documentation and details regarding your work.

Step 4

If we are able to offer you a grant, we will agree on a plan for documenting project progress and sign a contract. You will then receive your grant funds.