Seven Youth-Led Social Projects Selected for First Round of Metelyk Grants

In 2019, we collaborated with an established nonprofit, Ukraine Global Scholars, to launch the inaugural Metelyk Grant. We received 198 applications from all over Ukraine. After closely reviewing each, we identified 20 finalists, with whom we conducted Skype interviews and additional due diligence. Ultimately, we selected 7 teams to receive grants:

1) Green Office, Lviv, Ukraine

Green Office offers recycling pickup services to companies and nonprofit organizations. The initiative’s sustainable operating model relies on collecting nominal fees from for-profit clients to cover costs, allowing them to offer complimentary services to nonprofits. Green Office was developed by Green Box, a nonprofit run by a student of Ukrainian Catholic University that manages a successful recycling center in Lviv. The Metelyk Grant will help fund the purchase of the van used to pick up recyclables at client sites.

2) Youth Bank, Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Youth Bank’s team of 10 students runs an annual mini-grant contest for local youth, encouraging them to develop and implement projects that improve their schools and universities. The organization is part of the Youth Bank International network. The Metelyk Grant will help Youth Bank reach more young people in Vinnytsia and offer training sessions on key skills such as project management and fundraising.

3) DecidEd, Nationwide

The DecidEd team is building a free open platform that will allow high school students to research and compare Ukrainian universities by aggregating detailed, department-level data on subjects such as academics, career services, and student life. The Metelyk Grant will fund the initial development of the platform.

4) Youth Charity Theater “Poklykannya”, Ternopil, Ukraine

Poklykannya is a student-led acting troupe that produces plays promoting Ukrainian history and culture to raise funds for local children in need. The Metelyk Grant will allow Poklykannya to put on more performances, reaching greater audiences.

5) Eco-School, Smidyn, Ukraine

Eco-School aims to encourage sustainability in village schools and educate students about the environment by launching a recycling program, a composting program, and a student-run greenhouse. The Metelyk Grant will fund the purchases of the necessary equipment.

6) Los Gehts, Bamberg, Germany

Los Gehts is an exchange program that organizes free educational trips to Germany for students in Ukrainian villages who otherwise would not have an opportunity to travel abroad. The program also brings German students to visit Ukraine. Los Gehts is run by BambergUA, a nonprofit formed by young Ukrainians currently studying in Germany. The Metelyk Grant will cover the costs of the program for the next cohort of Ukrainian participants.

7) Be Eco!, Zolochiv, Ukraine

Be Eco is a team of students promoting recycling in and around Zolochiv by visiting local schools with educational workshops/trainings and setting up recycling containers. The Metelyk Grant will help the team purchase recycling containers and necessary materials for their presentations.

Teams that were not selected for a grant received personalized project feedback and a list of other grantmakers and sources of pro bono assistance.